9 Pack 10L Boost Oxygen Stars and Stripes Pure Canned Oxygen Canister, Natural


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Whether you’re an athlete, a traveler, or just having difficulty getting a full breath, this 9-pack of Boost Oxygen Special Edition Stars and Stripes 10-Liter Canned Oxygen Canister will naturally replenish your body’s oxygen levels, leaving you refreshed and energized.

This large bottle of pure oxygen gives your brain and muscles an extra boost to help recover quickly during and after exercise. This 10-liter container provides over 200 1-second uses of oxygen, so you can easily make it up a mountain or past halftime. With 95-percent concentrated oxygen, this natural breathing remedy helps you adjust to altitude changes, combat jetlag, and fight low O in the air. Start your morning off right with a stimulant and sugar-free wake-up for increased focus and mental sharpness. This oxygen therapy can also relieve stress and clear your mind before sleeping.

Thanks to this portable oxygen tank’s compact size, you can take supplemental oxygen wherever you go. A great choice for aviators, professional sports players, seniors, explorers, and adventure-seekers, this natural-flavored oxygen can is safe to use and shows off your patriotic spirit.

Introduce more oxygen to your life and lungs with the Boost Oxygen 10-Liter Special Edition Stars and Stripes Canned Oxygen Canister.

  • 9 Pack Large 10-liter patriotic spirit bottle of natural oxygen to help you breathe and feel better
  • Provides users with up to 200 1-second inhalations
  • All natural, 95-percent pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen is odorless, natural flavored, and safe to use
  • Increase your oxygen intake to combat jet lag, low O in the air, and other condition
  • Great for traveling to areas of high altitude, for athletes, for older folks, and more
  • Compact size makes it a great option to take on the go
  • Flavor: Natural
  • Color: Red, white, and blue
  • Size: 10 liters (large)
  • Quantity: 9


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