Amherst Frasier Dual Color LED PowerConnect? Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree


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The?Amherst Frasier Dual Color LED PowerConnect? Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree is perfect?for anyone who would like to change their lights from white to multi-colored with the tap of a switch.

  • 1 count pacakage
  • Available in 3 sizes: 6.5′, 7.5′ or 9′
    • 6.5 ft. tree
      • 52 inches in diameter
      • Features 3,319 branch tips
      • Pre-lit with 700 Dual LED Lights
    • 7.5 ft. tree
      • 61 inches in diameter
      • Features 4,615 branch tips
      • Pre-lit with 800 Dual LED Lights
    • 9 ft. tree
      • 70 inches in diameter
      • Features 6,817 branch tips
      • Pre-lit with 1,000 Dual LED Lights
  • Dual Color LED Lights (Warm White/Multi-Colored)
  • Foot switch controls light colors?with 9 actions
  • PowerConnect? Pole-to-Pole Light Connection – eliminates the need for connecting multiple light strings (all electrical?inside the poles)
  • Feel Real Medium needles – molded tapered tip
  • Made of flame resistant PVC and PE material
  • Lamp Lock Lights – One light burns out, the others stay lit
  • Height of tree measured when in stand
  • Hinged construction for easy assembly
  • Metal stand included
  • Covered under the?American Sale Tree Warranty


  • Most advanced lighting system available
  • Bulb color can be changed from soft white to multi and back again with the tap of a foot pedal?switch – also controls the 9 different light actions
  • Low-voltage LED bulbs are energy efficient
  • LEDs last 10 times longer and use 98% less energy than conventional bulbs
  • Because of the low energy consumption, low-voltage LED’s are cool to the touch and pose no risk of shock or fire

POWERCONNECT FEATURES: (see illustration)

  • Lights are powered through poles (all electrical inside of pole)
  • No more extra plugs
  • Instant power to tree section when poles are connected
  • Eliminates need to make multiple light string connections
  • Removes an assembly step reducing set-up time


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