Atlantic Deep Water Aeration System TPD400S


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Atlantic Deep Water Aeration System TPD400S

The TPD400S from Atlantic Water Gardens is a complete system and come with Aeration Cabinet Assemblies with all subcomponents pre-installed, Deep Water Diffusers, Weighted Tubing and all necessary fittings.

For ponds and lakes to thrive, they need a constant source of oxygen. The solution to organic sludge and excessive weed growth, low oxygen levels and stratification is aeration. The keys to sizing your aeration system are depth and shape. The deeper the lake or pond, the more water a single large diffuser can circulate. The shallower the lake or the more complex its shape, the more small diffusers will be required.

atlantic water gardens deep water aeration how to size your system

Atlantic Water Gardens Complete Deep Water Aeration System with Four Diffusers offer deep water aeration for ponds and lakes from 8 ft. to 45 ft. in depth and up to 4.0 surface acres in area. The complete system comes with deep water diffusers, weighted tubing, and all necessary push lock quick release fittings for your installation.

    Deep Water Aeration Cabinet Features

    • Includes Typhoon Rocking Piston Deep Water Compressor
    • Easily adjusted locking manifold assemblies provide flow control to multiple Diffuser systems
    • Oil-filled pressure gauge and pressure relief valve monitor and protect compressor for enhanced reliability and longevity
    • Heavy-duty Cabinets secure and protect components while muffling the sound of compressors
    • Atlantic’s Cabinets have a reinforced lockable lid and sturdy hinges with vandal resistant screws for secure installation
    • Double-walled for noise insulation and durability
    • The integrated cooling fan keeps components from overheating under the harshest conditions
    • Filtered air intake protects the compressor from dust and debris

    Benefits of Aeration – Did You Know?

    Aeration is a powerful tool. There are times when full implementation without an acclimation period can lead to disaster. In warm weather, it is best to start slowly to avoid a “turnover”, where deoxygenated bottom water is mixed in so quickly that total dissolved oxygen levels plummet to lethal levels. To be safe it’s best to run the system for only 15 minutes the first day, 30 minutes the second, 1 hour on the third day, doubling the running time each day for the first week. This will also allow toxic methane and hydrogen sulfide to dissipate slowly and safely.

    Typhoon Diffuser Features

    • Heavy-walled diffuser tubing produces ultra-fine bubbles with little back pressure
    • Diffuser shape accelerates the rising water column
    • Full flow manifold evenly distributes air to the diffuser tubing
    • Push-lock manifold connection simplifies servicing
    • Integrated strain relief for 1/2″ and 3/8″ weighted tubing
    • Includes 3/4″ check valve, 3/8″ insert fitting and stainless steel strain relief bracket

    Weighted Tubing

    • Atlantic’s Tubing is made of the highest quality materials for long, trouble-free service life
    • Thick-walled Weighted Tubing sinks without the inconvenience of adding weights to keep the tubing from floating
    • High-density PVC formulation remains flexible in a wide range of temperatures
    • Nickel-plated insert fittings, supplied with every roll, make connecting Weighted Tubing of different lengths simple and secure
    • TPF12WT Fitting Kit available to convert Atlantic Diffusers and Aeration Cabinets to 1/2 in. weighted tubing for runs over 300 feet


    Item 73969
    Model TPD400S-72R6
    Volts 115
    Amps 5.1
    Max CFM 5.8
    Max LPM 165
    Coverage Area Up to 4 surface acres
    Coverage Area @8 Feet 1 acre
    Coverage Area @12 Feet 2 acre
    Coverage Area @16 Feet 3 acres
    Coverage Area @20 Feet 4 acres
    Pond Depth Ponds and lakes between 7′ and 35′ deep
    Warranty 2-year



    • TPD400C Cabinet Assembly
    • (4) TPT38100 Weighted Tubing
    • (4) TPDDIF Deep Water Diffusers


    Atlantic Water Garden Typhoon Pond & Lake Aeration System Product Manual


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