Atlantic Water Gardens Small Rock Lid Desert


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Atlantic Water Gardens Small Rock Lid Desert

The Atlantic Rock Lids are designed to cover and conceal skimmers in a water garden, providing an attractive and realistic appearance. Made from molded real stones, the fiberglass construction is durable with authentic textures and finishes. Three sizes and three colors (Desert, Great Lakes, Mountain) offer the perfect fit for any application. In addition to hiding and protecting Pump Vaults and FilterFalls, the Rock Lids can also be used to cover other types of equipment. The RL30M, RL30G, and RL30D have dimensions of 24§L x 24§W x 5§H and are designed to match the PS3900, PV1800, and PV2300. These lids come with a 1-year warranty.


  • Rock Lids cover Skimmers completely to attractively conceal them in the water garden
  • Molded from real stones, the sturdy fiberglass construction, authentic textures and incredibly real finishes set these Rock Lids apart
  • Three sizes and four regional colors ensure the perfect fit for every application
  • Rock Lids can also be used to hide and protect Pump Vaults, FilterFalls and other equipment
  • Color representations shown may vary on actual product


Item Model Match to Skimmer Match to Pump Vault Dimension Warranty
74006 – Great Lakes RL30G PS3900

PV1800/ PV2300

24″W x 24″D x 5″H



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