Boveda 67g Humidity Control Pack, 62% RH 2-Way Herbal Preservative (20 Pack)


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This Boveda Humidity Control Pack regulate the humidity of contents in closed containers. This is especially useful for storing and protecting your terpene, cannabinoid, and flavonoid herbs as well as other herbs, foods, and goods prone to absorbing water. This package includes 20 humidity control packs.

With a precise 62% relative humidity level, this 2-way moisture control packet was designed specifically to protect potency and flavor of herbal products. It maintains a moisture level by absorbing excess wetness and releasing water droplets in super dry environments to prevent staleness. You’ll find the most success with the 62% RH packets when you have stickier herbs or you live in a drier climate with a higher altitude.

To use, simply place moisture control packet and 1 pound of your herbs in an airtight container. The humidity packet will keep your herbals fresh for 2 to 4 months while preventing mold and dryness. You’ll know it’s time to replace your moisture package when it becomes rigid.

  • Includes 20 packs; Each 67 gram singular packets is created to place in containers storing up to 1 pound of herbs
  • 2-way humidity control package to prevent both wetness and staleness in storage jars
  • Precise 62% relative humidity percentage is great for herbals that are slightly stickier
  • Conveniently lasts 2-4 months in most conditions with the correct quantity
  • Extensive shelf life of at least 2 years before removing from overwrap
  • Color: Brown
  • Product Dimensions (L x W): 5.25 x 3.5 inches
  • Quantity: 20 packs


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