EasyPro Pro-Series Large Pump Vault


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EasyPro Pro-Series Large Pump Vault

JAFV Pro-Series Large Pump Vault is the ideal solution for routine maintenance and service of Just-A-Falls water reservoir. Our heavy-duty pump vault has been constructed to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock, making it perfect for long-term use. Make sure your reservoir is running at its best with JAFV’s Pro-Series Large Pump Vault!


  • Built heavy-duty to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock
  • The slots cut in the sides allow water into the pump
  • Can be used with JAFVE extension(s) that allow for deeper reservoir
  • 30∪ long intake tubes are available to increase flow capacity up to 23,000 GPH from 18,000 gph standard


  • Max Flow Rate?300gpm/18000gph
  • Dimensions?24″W x 24″L x 32″H
  • Shipping Notes?Dimensional rates apply
  • Weight?54



    EasyPro Mini Pump Vault Instruction Manual


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