EasyPro Submersible Magnetic Drive Pump 3200 GPH


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EasyPro Submersible Magnetic Drive Pump 3200 GPH

The EP3200N 3200 GPH Submersible Mag Drive Pump from EasyPro is a standout when it comes to features, benefits, and durability. This pump is one of 16 models in the series ranging in capacity from 200 GPH to 9460 GPH, making it perfect for any water feature or circulation requirement. Thanks to its few moving parts, the reliability of this mag drive pump is unparalleled for low-head applications. Get the best performance from your water feature with EasyPro Mag Drive pumps!


  • Mag drive motors 每 super quiet and very energy efficient!
  • Epoxy-filled motors 每 no oil!
  • Foam prefilter included on all pumps 200 gph through 1350 GPH. Larger pumps have screened inlets but no foam.
  • Flow restrictor valve included with each fountain set, 600 gph 每 1350 gph fountain sets include diverter valve allowing you to run a fountain nozzle and a waterfall at one time
  • We offer a three-year limited warranty! EasyPro Mag Drive pumps are built durable, over 98% of these are still running after three years!
  • Free fountain set with all 200 每 1350 gph pumps
  • Threaded discharge ports on all pumps for easy fitting connection


Watts Max Flow GPH GPH @ 3′ GPH @ 6′ GPH @ 9′ Max Lift Fountain Nozzles Included Threaded
260 3200 2720 2284 1598 20′ Volcano, Waterbell, Double Volcano 1

EasyPro Submersible Magnetic Drive Pump Nozzles


EasyPro Magnetic Drive Submersible Pumps Instructions Manual


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