Kasco 3/4 HP Clog-Free Aquaticlear Water Circulator


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AquatiClear 3/4 HP Clog-Free Circulator by Kasco Marine

Keep algae, floating debris, and foul smelling odors away from your waterfront property. Keep your docks, swimming areas, and shorelines clean and beautiful. Weeds, algae, and other debris will not get clogged in the AquatiClears new clog-free prop guard. The crown-like prop guard design, with its smooth, round tines ensures clog-free, maintenance-free, continuous operation by allowing weeds, algae, and debris to slip off the guard. This AquatiClear will clean out a shoreline within minutes, restoring the beauty of the waterfront.

Optional Horizontal Float Kit: Three ropes secure the unit to shore at the surface. Create currents and elongated patterns of water movement with three angles of orientation.

Optional Universal Dock Mount: Adjustable in both angle and depth. It uses a 1 inch threaded or unthreaded pipe, that you need to supply. The Simple Swivel bracket supports the weight of the circulator while being adjusted and it allows the unit to easily rotate and direct the flow of water.

Optional Free-Standing Bottom Frame:?Made from powder-coated steel with stainless steel hardware, this Free-Standing Bottom Frame is easy to assemble and install. It stands 40.5″ tall and weighs 63 lbs (without the motor attached). The base of the frame is 30″ wide and 60″ long. The supplied 27″ pipe provides for verticle adjustment. When fulled lowered, the motor sits aproximately 3″ – 4″ above the bottom. With the release of just 4 bolts, the unit can lay flat for storage. It comes with handles are on each side for ease of movement.

Notes: AquatiClear is not designed for de-icing. Sizing depends on factors such as water current, tidal fluctuation, types of debris to be moved, and obstructions in the water. Do not install too close to the bottom of natural water bodies. Installation should be nearer to the surface as not to disturb bottom sediment. Check your local regulations for guidelines and restrictions.

AquatiClear by Kasco Keeps your Water-Front Property Clean and Beautiful


  • Built to last with durable components
  • External metal and hardware are stainless steel and protected by a sacrificial anode
  • Optional: Easily Mount with Horizontal Float Kit, Universal Dock Mount Kit, or?Free-Standing Bottom Frame Kit
  • The system can be install in a pond that already has a fountain?to increase the circulation of aerated water?
  • Low maintenance – Won’t Clog
  • 2 Year Limited?Warranty


  • AquatiClear Unit
  • Power Cord length of choice
  • Optional Universal Dock Mounting Kit
  • Optional Horizontal Float Kit
  • Optional Free-Standing Bottom Frame Kit


  • Creates 100 ft of surface flow
  • Power: 120V or 240V
  • Running Amps: 6.6 Amps at 120V and?3.1?Amps at 120V?
  • Thrust: 36 lbs

Installing AquatiClear by Kasco on Universal Mount KitHorizontal Float Assembly & Install on AquatiClear by Kasco


Kasco Aquaticlear Pond Circulator Owners Manual


Kasco Aquaticlear 3400C Pond Circulator Specifications Sheet


Kasco Pond Circulator Horizontal Float Assembly Manual


Kasco Pond Circulator Universal Mount With Simple Swivel Assembly Manual


Aquaticlear Free-Standing Bottom Frame Assembly Instructions


Kasco Pond Circulator Product Flyer

Additional information

Select Power

115V, 230V

Select Mounting Option

Free-Standing Bottom Frame, Horizontal Float, No Mount, Universal Dock Mount

Select Cord Length

100 Ft, 150 Ft, 200 Ft, 25 Ft, 250 Ft, 300 Ft, 400 Ft, 50 Ft


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