Kasco Universal Dock Mount


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Universal Dock Mount by?Kasco

This Universal Dock ?Mount allows water ?circulators and de-icers to be mounted on docks, pilings and other waterfront property. Once installed, units can easily be lowered, angled and positioned in several orientations to provide proper water movement.

Kasco’s universal dock mount utilizes durable, composite mounting hardware, accompanied by customer-supplied a 1 in. diameter stainless steel or galvanized steel pipe, making it a great choice for docks, piers, marinas, and bulkheads.

A ?stainless steel or galvanized steel pipe must be supplied by the customer to use the universal dock mount.



The water circulator or de-icer may be operated in different angled positions. They may also be adjusted to any depth required ?below the surface of the water. It can also be rotated 360 degrees. This allows for a variety of operating positions and is able to fit and adapt to many different situations and conditions.



Kasco Universal Dock Mount Assembly Manual


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