Light Blue Signature Slide from Ledge Lounger


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Get ready for hours of fun with the Signature Slide from Ledge Lounger!

Designed for water depths of 0-12 inches, the Signature Slide provides a great opportunity for uninterrupted play on your pool’s ledge. The smooth slide area, the slip-resistant steps and rounded edges create a safe space for your children to play while you relax nearby.

  • Color: Light Blue
  • For in-pool or on-deck use
  • Designed for 0-12 inches of water
  • Compatible with all pool types, including vinyl
  • Landing area designed for safe slide exit
  • Contoured sides for easy grip
  • Crafted of a high-quality, UV16 rated resin, color stabilized for up to 16,000 hours of direct sunlight
  • Built to withstand sun, weather and chemicals of any pool or outdoor environment
  • Weight Limit: 70 lbs.
  • For children 3+
  • Please Note: Some images show Slides of different colors


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