Oase Nozzle – Geyser 60 T / NPT


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Oase Nozzle – Geyser 60 T / NPT

The Geyser Fountain Nozzle creates an impressive soft flowing fountain, thanks to the injector effect which sucks in water and air, mixes them intensively, and then accelerates the mixture into the air.

This nozzle is interesting because it changes shape depending on the water level; if the normal water level is not reached, it will generate a slender and higher water pattern. If the normal water level is exceeded, however, the water pattern will be fuller and lower. This effect is particularly striking when there are strong wave movements, as it makes the fountain seem like it’s dancing.

In installations where the water level may vary, it’s important to include non-return valves, otherwise the water level could drop to inject

Product characteristics

  • Lively water effect
  • Foam / spume effect
  • Offers oxygen enrichment
  • Adjusting flange for alignment
  • Water pattern is water-level dependent

Technical data

Dimensions (? x H) 125 x 335mm
Material Tombac
Net weight 5.30kg
Item number 89025
EAN 4010052890258




Oase Geyser Nozzle Specifications Sheet


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