Oase Nozzle – Lava 30 – 10 E


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Oase Nozzle – Lava 30 – 10 E

The Oase Nozzle – Lava 30 – 10 E is a Fountain Nozzle designed to produce the least noise possible. The relaxing sound of splashing water is perfect for water gardens, reception halls, or outdoor pools that are protected from wind.

The Lava bell forms a closed water veil that can be attractively staged with underwater illumination, making it a beautiful addition to any space.

Product characteristics

  • Transparent water pattern
  • Adjustable bell diameter
  • Water-level independent
  • Low-noise operation
  • Modern stainless steel look

Technical data

Dimensions (? x H) 80 x 338mm
Material Stainless steel
Net weight 1.60kg
Item number 50889
EAN 4010052508894

Oase Lava


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