Oase Nozzle – Schaumsprudler 55 – 15 E


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Oase Nozzle – Schaumsprudler 55 – 15 E

The Schaumsprudler nozzle creates a lively, bubbling water pattern that is perfect for watercourse inlets, stepped pool installations, or fountains with a water reservoir at a lower level. By mixing air with water, the resulting pattern appears to be high in volume, while still requiring very little water. The soft foam jet is also a beautiful contrast to its surroundings. Schaumsprudler nozzles are different from Cascade and Geyser nozzles in that they do not rely on the water level, so fluctuations will not affect the water pattern.


  • Lively, high contrast water pattern.
  • Highly compact white foam jet
  • Rich oxygenation
  • Highly wind stable
  • This fountain head is ideal for in and outdoor ponds or water features
  • These fountains aid in the oxygenation of the pond water.
  • Fountains are not only decorative they help you create your own vibrant and inspirational water display

Technical data

Dimensions (? x H) 81 x 180mm
Material Stainless steel / Brass
Net weight 1.46kg
Item number 50987
EAN 4010052509877


Oase Schaumsprudler Nozzle


Oase Frothy Nozzle Specifications Sheet


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