Open Goaaal 3 In 1 Goal Rebounder and Backstop Soccer Trainer Starter Mesh Net


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Practice your shots to become an all-star athlete using the patented Open Goaaal Soccer 3-In-1 Trainer. Featuring a goal, backstop, and rebounder, it makes practice fun and ensures you never have to stop or worry about damage.

The goal is a great size, rimmed in white to help aim and target your shots. Surrounding the goal is a large mesh backstop that stops missed shots from flying away and damaging fencing or disappearing into your neighbor’s yard. Flexible material rebounds shots back to you, so you don’t have to interrupt practice to receive missed shots. Easily assembled in about 1.50 hours, the trainer can be mounted in any area with grass and dirt, staking into the ground so you can get to practice. Provided instructions and set up video to make installation a breeze.

Do you have what it takes to become a soccer star? Develop your skills and reach your goals with the Open Goaaal Soccer 3-In-1 Trainer.

  • All-in-one goal, rebounder, and backstop helps you learn to shoot perfect goals without having to interrupt practice
  • Backstop catches balls so you don’t have to worry about losing a ball or chasing down a bad shot; Stops damage to fencing
  • Rebounder launches missed shots back to you so you don’t have to stop practice to retrieve the ball
  • Large size ensures the safety and keeps missed shots from running around your (or your neighbor’s) yard
  • System lets you hide the netting when not in use and raise it for mowing
  • Mesh diameter: 4 inches
  • Netting Material: PE Mesh
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 165 x 72 x 79 inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty


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