REATHLETE HEALR Adjustable Hot/Cold Therapy Massager for Leg, Calf, and Foot


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Relax tired muscles and with the Reathlete HEALR Triple Therapy Leg Massager.

This calf and foot massager sequentially compresses your muscles and combines heat and cold to experience triple therapy. Combine the functions or use them separately in different ways to explore how you recover best. Air compression primarily affects the vessels in your legs and stimulates blood flow, plus the pressure feels great at the end of a hard day.

Placed inside the massager, special cold pads pre-cooled in the freezer help you deal with injuries and prevent diseases in the long run. A massager with heat is a great tool in improving blood circulation and helping the legs to relax and recover from exercising or even simple walking. Use this leg massager with heat on to help with chronic pain.

Control your therapy with the digital remote as you strap into the easy-to-adjust ergonomic system.

Simplify pain management and find relief at home with Reathlete HEALR Triple Therapy Leg Massager.

  • Leg, calf, and foot massager lets you indulge in comfort, and relaxation, and contribute to the healthiness of your body
  • Massager designed with air bags applies strong force on your leg, calves, and feet; Constructed with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners to fit most sizes
  • Features heat therapy to help with muscle soreness and fatigue; Cold therapy function helps with acute pain
  • Can work the 2 zones simultaneously or separately; 4 levels of both pressure and heat to choose from
  • Includes 8 gel pads must pre-cool in freezer before use), remote, and travel bag
  • Use the cooling option alone or combine with calf compression for a more comprehensive effect; Not recommended to turn the heat on during cooling sessions
  • Intuitive remote has 3 auto-modes or you can manually set your mode
  • Automatic timer ensures the optimal duration of your sessions
  • Breathable rip-stop material ensures long life and comfort against the skin
  • Can become your solution for varicose veins treatment for legs and for restless legs syndrome relief
  • Requires minimal effort from you while really helping you warm up before a workout, recover after one, improve blood flow, and help with various types of pain


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