Savio Livingponds Filter F070


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F070 Livingponds Filter by Savio

Discover the latest and most compact member of the Livingponds family – Savio’s Livingponds Filter 070. Crafted with a small size that packs a big backyard punch, this ‘070’ filter is sure to take your water garden to the next level when coupled with Savio’s Skimmerfilter. Experience crystal clear waters and lovely waterfalls like never before – this powerful little filter comes complete with two medium-density filter pads and Savio’s advanced ceramic media for 10,000 sq ft of total surface area. Plus, it*s finished with a 16″ spillway, heavy-duty media grate, and 3″ inlets on either side for an unbeatable filtration system! Get yours today and enjoy an effortless and beautiful water garden.

  • Bio-mechanical filtration.
  • Two medium density filter pads and ceramic bio media keep your pond clean & healthy.
  • Install in concrete or liner ponds – no silicone glue is required.
  • Recommended for pump flows up to 3,000gph.


Savio LivingPonds Pond Filter F070 Operating Manual


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