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Dock Mount Aqua-Sweep Muck Blower/Weed Fan by Scott Aerator

This is the original “Muck Mover.” The thruster on the Scott ?Aquasweep has been moving algae, muck, mud, weeds, trash, and decaying debris for over 20 years. It is now available with a programmable Original Oscillator?to greatly increase the effectiveness and ease of use.

If you want to improve water quality while safely removing sediment buildup – you need to “Move the muck!”

This Dock Mount Aquasweep will keep your valuable waterfront, dock area, or canal clean from algae, trash, and decaying debris on the surface. It will also forcefully move muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom. When mounted on your dock, the high-velocity water flow from the thruster motor pushes the bottom debris distances up to ?75 Ft or more, cleaning your dock area for swimming and boating. It works in both fresh and saltwater.

Scott Aquasweep with Original Oscillator Effecitve Range Chart

The Aquasweep is fully adjustable in any direction or angle, making it the ideal solution for eliminating decaying bottom muck and floating surface algae. The Aquasweep comes complete with a stainless steel mounting plate designed for many different dock styles, or an optional dock post mounting bracket designed to attach to a pole or post. It comes with a 5-foot stainless steel pole that, when attached to the stainless steel yoke and motor housing assembly, reaches a depth of over 7 Ft.

The Aquasweep now also has the option of mounting on a Free-Standing Post. This allows you to install your Aquasweep away from a dock! You can place the Aquasweep in those hard-to-reach spots, and no dock is required. If you choose this option – make sure you plan for your power cable to be long enough.

You can also upgrade your Aquasweep with the fully programmable Original Oscillator?attachment. It reduces your workload and makes moving the muck even easier. The Original Oscillator?is easily set to sweep back and forth on any desired circular arc you choose, up to ?359 degrees. ?This allows you to plug it in and let it do the hard work. You do not have to worry about it! The oscillator attachment can be purchased now or added later to an installed Aquasweep.

Please note the recommended maximum electrical cable lengths for the different motors sizes and voltages from the chart below. Please call to discuss if you have any questions.

See the Scott Aquasweep in Action!Scott Aquasweep Dock Mount Specifications


  • American-made, fully submersible electric motor
  • The motor ?comes with 5-year, unconditional warranty
  • Maintenance-free
  • Constructed of American made stainless steel and rugged, long-lasting polyurethane
  • Engineered for all water types and temperatures, including saltwater locations
  • Can be used as a de-icer in the winter
  • 1/3 HP moves 300 gallons-per-minute
  • 1/2 HP moves 400 gallons-per-minute
  • 3/4 HP moves 450 gallons-per-minute
  • 1 HP moves 500 gallons-per-minute
  • Moves muck and bottom debris in areas up to 150 Ft in diameter.
  • Clears surface debris in areas up to 200 Ft in diameter.
  • Runs at a constant 3,450 RPM’s.
  • 12″ minimum water depth required for operation
  • Oil-free motor, meaning no oil leaks!
  • Water intake shield provides protection from floating debris
  • Automatic thermal overload protection prevents motor damage in case water flow is restricted
  • 12-gauge power ?cords come on 1/2 HP and 10-gauge cords on ?3/4 HP and 1 HP motors
  • Submersible grade power cord. Comes with a rugged Hubbell marine style plug
  • Overall Length: 7.4 Ft ?(89 Inches). This includes 5 Ft stainless steel pole and the integrated yoke and motor housing
  • Weight: 55 pounds

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Scott Aquasweep Muck Blaster Installation Manual and Specifications

Additional information

Select Your Motor

1 HP, 1/2 HP, 1/3 HP, 1/3HP 230V, 115 V, 230 V, 3/4 HP

Select Your Cord Length

100 Ft, 150 Ft, 50 Ft

Oscillator Option

No Oscillator, Oscillator


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