TACH V3 Connectable Hard Shell Carry On Spinner Suitcase Luggage Bag, Purple


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Make travel more convenient and fuss-free while on family vacation or flying solo with the help of the TACH V3 Hardshell Carry-On Suitcase.

Featuring a connectible luggage system, this sleek travel case lets just one person handle multiple carry-on bags without the need for a luggage cart. Whether you’re globetrotting alone or roadtripping with the kids, skip the light packing and instead use the adjustable pull strap to easily maneuver up to 9 fully-loaded suitcases. The 360-degree ball bearing wheels roll effortlessly through airport terminals without snagging or flipping over your baggage. If you need to run and catch a connecting flight, enjoy an uninterrupted, natural stride thanks to the adjustable comfort grip handle. Easily load and unload your luggage from the overhead bin with ergonomic side straps.

This standard carry-on is regulation size for domestic and international flights, so you can avoid checking fees. A spacious interior with 5 built-in pockets pairs with the flat top design to easily hold all your clothes, laptops, and personal items. The hard exterior shell and TSA-approved locks ensure your valuables stay protected.

Wherever your next journey takes you, be sure to have your TACH V3 Hardshell Carry-On Suitcase in tow.

  • Standard single hardshell carry-on suitcase makes travel effortless and takes the stress out of flying
  • Meets carry-on size requirements for domestic and international flights so you can avoid checking fees
  • Built-in connecting system fastens up to 6 bags for easier collection and transport
  • Durable hardshell construction protects your valuables on the tarmac and in turbulence
  • Ergonomic side handles make it simple to load and unload in seconds, so you can avoid wrestling with overhead bin storage
  • 360-degree silent and smooth ball bearing wheels evenly distribute weight and glide effortlessly through airport terminals without snagging or flipping over
  • Flat top design lets you securely place and easily access your personal bag or other travel necessities
  • 5 interior packing cubes, an external water bottle clip, and an extra pocket for your favorite power bank create hands-free travel
  • 2 charging ports keep your devices powered up during long travel days
  • Adjustable comfort grip handle and pull straps allow for convenient and efficient movement
  • TSA-approved locks safeguard against theft
  • Color: Purple
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 9.5 x 14.5 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds


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